“Where am I?” Bob thought to himself when he woke up on a peculiar beach. “I can’t remember what happened.” There had been a bad storm, and Bob’s fishing boat sunk. He washed ashore on a small island, but he had gotten hurt during the storm. He had a terrible migraine, and he had a fracture in his shoulder. He felt awful. But he had a strong desire to make it home to his spouse and children. He had to tolerate all the pain and devise a plan.

Bob stood up and looked around. “I’ll walk to a higher altitude, so I can see everything around me,” thought Bob. “Maybe I’ll gain some insight about this island and find something to help me escape.” As he walked along a mountain ridge, he noticed that the tall indigenous trees looked sturdy and thick. Bob got a brilliant idea. He could build a raft! He cut down some leaves and tree limbs. Even though his shoulder injury impaired his ability to carry the materials, he slowly dragged them down the mountain until he reached the coastline.

Bob was a proficient builder. He used his building expertise to line up the limbs and tie them together with long vines. When the raft was finished, Bob was happy with his work. “This will bring me home to my family,” he said with a smile.

At last, Bob was ready to implement his escape plan. With all his might, he thrust the raft into the water. He climbed on and began the quest to find his way home. Bob smiled again, and thought, “I’m glad I kept a good attitude. It prevented the pain from deterring me from my plan. Optimism and ambition make anything possible.” Slowly, he floated out to sea. In a few days, he made it to shore and ran home to see his happy family.