A solitary rock roamed through the cold gloom of outer space. It slowly drifted through the debris of broken asteroids with a feeling of sadness. In the vast and beautiful galaxy, it was only a tiny rock. It felt like an insignificant atom.

In its journeys it encountered many amazing objects. It flew by beautiful crescent moons that were covered with craters and moon dust.

“Why can’t I be as beautiful as them?” it thought.

The rock passed a gigantic planet. The sphere had a circumference hundreds of times larger than the breadth of the small rock.

“Why can’t I be as large as that?” it wondered.

The rock was Riled with despair. It was surrounded by beauty and greatness, yet it was just a small and ugly fragment of rock.

One day, it approached the area of an astronomical star.

“What’s wrong?” the star asked.

“Oh, I wish I had a higher status in the galaxy. All the other objects are so beautiful and large,” the rock replied. “But I’m just an ugly rock.”

The star considered the problem. At last it said, “You don’t have to worry anymore. I think I can help.” The star radiated its light brighter and hotter than it had ever done before. “Come a little closer,” the star said to the rock.

The rock drifted closer to the star. Suddenly, the ice that was embedded in the rock’s tiny cracks melted and became steam. Then the steam extended behind the comet to form a brilliant tail. The tail shined with all the colors of the spectrum.

The little rock had become a beautiful comet. It looked so amazing. It realized that the star helped it change its appearance. “Thank you,” the comet said and then flew away with its new beautiful tail following behind it like a galactic cape.