Elvis was a dog that loved to run. He possessed all the criteria to be a great racing dog. He had long legs, lean muscles, and a strong heart. He was so good that he never lost a race in the northern hemisphere. Spectators who bet on dog races always picked Elvis to win.

After ten years of racing, however, Elvis was getting old. His faculties were not as strong as they used to be. His owner got upset when Elvis started losing. Elvis’s owner wasn’t a considerate person. He degraded the dog all the time. Finally, his owner decided to get rid of him. He threw Elvis in his car and took him to the middle of the forest. He tossed him out and drove away. Elvis was cold and scared. He decided to follow a brook into the city.

Elvis soon found out that the city was a big and impersonal place. Everywhere he went, he saw signs that said, “No Dogs Allowed.” Pedestrians yelled at him. He was sad, hungry, and alone. He thought that all people were as cruel and uncaring as his owner had been. He was ready to give up when he heard a soft voice say, “What a beautiful hound!” Elvis looked up and saw an old woman. She said, “You’re entitled to a better life than this. I can take you to a sanctuary for old dogs like you. I’ll cater to all your needs. Would you like to come with me?”

The woman escorted Elvis to a beautiful facility. There was a sign on the external door that said, “Dogs Welcome!” The interior of the building was painted blue, and shiny ornaments hung from the ceiling. There was a heap of tasty bones and bread crusts for consumption. Elvis learned there were kind people in the world after all. He was so thankful that he jumped up and licked the woman’s face.