John and Mark were brothers, but they were quite different people. Mark looked very masculine. He had a mustache and was very muscular. He was a sculptor. He made things out of stone. Mark was a good artist, but he was not very intelligent.

John looked nothing like his brother. He was small and weak, but he was very smart. John was an undergraduate in college, and he studied anthropology and history. He knew a lot about ancient cultures. The brothers loved each other very much, but they thought they had nothing in common.

One day, the mayor appointed Mark to build a monument: a statue of Egyptian Pharaoh, Tut. Mark agreed to do the job, but he had a problem. He had no idea who Pharaoh Tut was! However, he thought he had the competence to build a good statue anyway. He made some crude measurements and sculpted a statue of a very old man with a tattoo on his chest. Mark was proud of his work, but when John saw the statue, he laughed aloud.

“What’s so funny?” Mark asked.

John replied, “Your ignorance makes me laugh. Don’t you know that Tut was only a teenager when he was pharaoh? Let me help you. I’ll supervise your work. I’ll give you feedback, and we’ll make this a great monument.”

Mark got another cube of stone. John told him what Tut looked like. “Make him tall with good posture,” John said. “And make sure there is symmetry in his body.”

Mark conferred with John about every detail. For ten consecutive hours, the brothers worked. At last, the finished statue was situated in front of the museum. Everyone applauded the brothers’ good work.

“We worked together very well. I guess we are compatible after all,” Mark said. John replied, “I agree! When we combine our talents, we are capable of greatness.”