1. What will take place at Bill’s house tomorrow?
A. a party
B. a game
C. a dance
2. Why does Hank have to work late?
A. He has to attend a meeting.
B. He has to write a report.
C. He has to close the office.
3. Why is Hank going to visit Lisa after work?
A. because she is sick in bed
B. because he has to return something
C. because he is going to take her to Bill’s house
4. Where is Hank going to get the snacks to take to Bill’s house?
A. from his house
B. from the store
C. from his work
5. What time will Hank most likely arrive at Bill’s house?
A. 7:00 PM
B. 8:00 PM
C. 9:00 PM
Correct answers: