1. Gregorio is well known for his ability to work with ____________.
A. famous athletes
B. animals
C. world dancers
2. What is one thing that is NOT true about him?
A. He’s tall.
B. He’s wearing green slacks.
C. He has on a blue jacket.
3. What does Georgina do for a living?
A. She’s a popular sports figure.
B. She’s famous for her cooking skills.
C. She makes a living selling tennis shoes.
4. Georgina is a ____________ woman wearing a yellow dress.
A. large
B. heavy
C. small
5. What is the other invited guest, Brad Pitt, doing in the conversation?
A. He’s sitting in the room.
B. He’s standing by a table.
C. He’s eating some refreshments.
Correct answers: