1. Randall used to ___________ with friends to celebrate the new year.
A. play games
B. watch movies
C. watch fireworks
2. Randall and his friends would eat ________ on New Year’s Eve.
A. salad
B. fried chicken
C. pizza
3. When Randall’s children were little, he used to ___________ on that night.
A. put them to bed early
B. watch TV together
C. stay up late
4. Now, Randall usually ______________ on New Year’s Eve.
A. goes for a drive
B. goes to bed early
C. prepares a special dinner
5. According to Randall, New Year’s Day isn’t a big celebration for him because _________.
A. every new day is a new beginning
B. he doesn’t like change
C. he feels like he is gettng older
Correct answers: