1. Where did Doug and Diane first meet?
A. at school
B. at a restaurant
C. at a party
2. How did he know where she lived?
A. He asked a friend for directions.
B. He followed her home.
C. He looked her up in the phone book.
3. Where does Doug invite her to go with him on Thursday?
A. to a restaurant
B. to a theater
C. to a dance
4. What is Diane’s response to his invitation on Thursday?
A. She can’t go out because she has to study.
B. She is sorry, but she has another date.
C. She has to work that day, so she can’t go.
5. How does Diane feel about Doug’s idea for Friday?
A. She thinks if would be a great idea if she had the time.
B. She feels that it would be uninteresting outing.
C. She has done the activity before, so she’d rather not go.
Correct answers: