Description: Пройдите упражнение и узнайте насколько вы владеете грамматикой английского языка уровня Elementary. Всего знание условно делят на 3 уровня: начинающие (elementary level), средний уровень (intermediate level), высокий уровень (advanced level)
1 Tim and Sue ***** teachers.
a) are
b) is
c) isn’t
d) aren’t
2 This is Sébastien. He’s *****.
a) Japan
b) Spain
c) Italy
d) French
3 She’s from Dublin. She ***** Irish.
a) is from
b) is
c) isn’t
d) are from
4 They ***** Welsh. They’re from Scotland.
a) aren’t
b) is
c) isn’t
d) are
5 ***** ‘s your first name?
a) Who
b) What
c) How
d) Where
6 Those are your books and ***** are mine.
a) these
b) this
c) it
d) that
7 I love music but I ***** like TV.
a) do
b) does
c) don’t
d) doesn’t
8 ***** she like sport?
a) Do
b) Does
c) Is
d) Don’t
9 When ***** have lunch?
a) is he
b) he’s
c) do he
d) does he
10 Do you like ***** movies?
a) watch
b) watching
c) watches
d) to watching
11 They start ***** school at 8.00 in the morning.
a) to
b) at
c) –
d) the
12 Peter’s ***** name is Michael.
a) brother’s
b) sister is
c) brother
d) sisters
13 She’s very friendly but she ***** very quiet.
a) never is
b) ‘s often
c) often is
d) never
14 He hasn’t got ***** brothers and sisters.
a) some
b) any
c) the
d) a
15 They went to the beach with some friends ***** Sunday.
a) at
b) the
c) on
d) in
16 What ***** your father look like?
a) is
b) do
c) are
d) does
17 How many children ***** got?
a) they’ve
b) have they
c) they
d) do they
18 She ***** jeans to work.
a) wears usually
b) is usually wearing
c) usually wears
d) is wearing usually
19 ***** two armchairs and a sofa in the living room.
a) It’s
b) There are
c) There have
d) There’s
20 There aren’t ***** wardrobes in the main bedroom.
a) any
b) some
c) the
d) a
21 You ***** buy shoes in a post office.
a) can to
b) can
c) can’t
d) are
22 There are a lot of books ***** the shelves.
a) in
b) between
c) on
d) above
23 The cinema is ***** the bank.
a) next
b) in front
c) opposite
d) under
24 Can I have a ***** of milk, please?
a) bar
b) jar
c) box
d) carton
25 There is ***** butter in the fridge.
a) one
b) some
c) any
d) an
26 How ***** vegetables do you eat every day?
a) many
b) long
c) more
d) much
27 He ***** afraid of the dark when he was young.
a) wasn’t
b) weren’t
c) were
d) didn’t
28 We ***** born in 1985.
a) is
b) were
c) was
d) did
29 My birthday is on February *****.
a) 10rd
b) 10st
c) 10nd
d) 10th
30 ***** they do a lot of sport when they were at school?
a) Were
b) Do
c) Was
d) Did
31 We ***** to New Zealand when I was six.
a) move
b) moves
c) moved
d) moving
32 They ***** a taxi to the airport an hour ago.
a) take
b) took
c) are taking
d) takes
33 ***** did you last see them?
a) What
b) When
c) Who
d) Which
34 We went ***** at the weekend.
a) the shops
b) to shops
c) shopping
d) shops
35 Is Chinese food ***** than Thai food?
a) best
b) more good
c) better
d) well
36 Today is ***** than yesterday.
a) cold
b) coldest
c) more cold
d) colder
37 He stayed at the ***** hotel in town.
a) more expensive
b) expensivest
c) expensive
d) most expensive
38 Can you tell me the ***** to the library?
a) road
b) way
c) street
d) place
39 They ***** their homework now.
a) are do
b) did
c) are doing
d) does
40 We walked ten kilometres so we ***** hungry now.
a) are
b) get
c) getting
d) have
41 What ***** doing at the moment?
a) is he
b) does he
c) is
d) he’s
42 He goes to work ***** train.
a) in
b) on
c) by the
d) by
43 You ***** drive a car in the centre of town. It isn’t allowed.
a) don’t have to
b) can
c) have to
d) can’t
44 You ***** to walk, you can take a bus.
a) mustn’t
b) have
c) must
d) don’t have
45 He ***** to move to another country.
a) want
b) ‘d like
c) likes
d) goes
46 I’m ***** learn to cook.
a) go to
b) going
c) going to
d) go
47 Don’t stay up late or you ***** be tired tomorrow.
a) must
b) won’t
c) should
d) ‘ll
48 Let’s ***** tennis this afternoon.
a) play
b) go
c) to go
d) playing
49 I’ve got the flu. I ***** take some medicine.
a) shouldn’t
b) might not
c) going to
d) should
50 ***** you spoken to Jenny?
a) Did
b) Do
c) Have
d) Has
51 ***** does that jacket cost?
a) How often
b) How long
c) How many
d) How much
52 ***** did you leave your job?
a) Where
b) What
c) Why
d) Which
53 They ***** fly to India.
a) didn’t
b) doesn’t
c) haven’t
d) has
54 ***** you like a coffee?
a) Will
b) Would
c) Did
d) Do
55 I ***** to go home now.
a) ‘m wanting
b) will want
c) want
d) wanting
56 She ***** in Belgium at the moment.
a) living
b) ‘s lived
c) is living
d) lives
57 Nick ***** gets up at 7 o’clock and leaves for work at 8 o’clock. He does this every day from Monday to Friday.
a) always
b) never
c) sometimes
d) hardly ever
58 We go shopping ***** month.
a) every a
b) once
c) every two
d) twice a
59 I’m not keen on *****.
a) run
b) to running
c) to run
d) running
60 What ***** tonight?
a) they do
b) do they do
c) are they doing
d) are they do
61 Are you ***** the new exhibition at the National Gallery?
a) going to see
b) seeing
c) going see
d) go to see
62 ***** laptop is that? Is it Bob’s?
a) Which
b) Who
c) What
d) Whose
63 I have never ***** a dangerous sport.
a) do
b) made
c) make
d) done
64 ***** he ever flown in a helicopter?
a) Did
b) Do
c) Has
d) Have
65 You ***** be late for school again.
a) mustn’t
b) have to
c) must
d) can
66 You ***** wear a suit. It’s a very formal party.
a) shouldn’t
b) have to
c) mustn’t
d) might
67 I ***** dinner when I heard a strange noise.
a) was cook
b) did cook
c) was cooking
d) am doing
68 When did she decide ***** married?
a) to get
b) got
c) to
d) get
69 We should avoid ***** in August.
a) travelled
b) to travel
c) travelling
d) to travelling
70 He’s studied Spanish ***** last year.
a) since
b) the
c) at
d) –
71 I don’t think I ***** get the job. I didn’t answer all their questions in the interview very well.
a) ‘ll
b) might
c) won’t
d) might not
72 She ***** here this weekend.
a) will being
b) may to be
c) won’t to be
d) might be
73 We haven’t seen them ***** years.
a) at
b) since
c) for
d) ages
74 How long have you ***** him?
a) know
b) knew
c) knows
d) known
75 I ***** wear a uniform to school.
a) use to
b) didn’t use to
c) used
d) didn’t used to
76 Did they ***** in Australia?
a) use to live
b) used to live
c) used live
d) used to living
77 She’s moving to Canada ***** she can study English there.
a) because
b) so to
c) if
d) in order to
78 I travelled around the world ***** a year to learn about other cultures.
a) since
b) for to
c) for
d) after
79 He married the girl ***** used to sit next to him at school.
a) who
b) which
c) what
d) whose
80 Children spend ***** hours watching TV.
a) too many
b) not enough
c) very
d) too much
81 I don’t have ***** to do the things I enjoy.
a) time enough
b) enough time
c) too many time
d) some time
82 Can I try this coat *****, please?
a) in
b) on
c) to
d) up
83 It’s ***** beautiful house I’ve ever seen.
a) most
b) more
c) the most
d) a most
84 His job was low paid, but now he has a **** job.
a) more good
b) better
c) more better
d) gooder
85 I think travelling by plane is ***** easier than travelling by car.
a) more
b) most
c) –
d) the most
86 She worked as a teacher in ***** Africa.
a) –
b) a
c) an
d) the
87 They live in ***** south of France.
a) –
b) a
c) an
d) the
88 He ***** to work in his company’s office in Shanghai.
a) sent
b) was
c) was sended
d) was sent
89 He studies at **** Cambridge University.
a) –
b) the
c) a
d) an
90 The postman hasn’t delivered the parcel *****.
a) just
b) already
c) yet
d) never
91 My brother ***** passed his exams.
a) just has
b) already has
c) yet
d) ‘s just
92 A lot of people think that when they *****, they’ll have lots of free time, but often they don’t.
a) will retire
b) retire
c) retired
d) won’t retire
93 What ***** happen if he doesn’t get here in time?
a) will
b) it would
c) will it
d) it will
94 If you save some money, you ***** to worry any more.
a) ‘ll have
b) don’t
c) will
d) won’t have
95 He ***** me that my book would be a great success.
a) told
b) said
c) say
d) tell
96 Dad told me that he ***** buy me a new phone.
a) don’t
b) won’t to
c) will
d) would
97 What would they do if they ***** have any money?
a) were
b) didn’t
c) won’t
d) ‘d
98 I would do more exercise if I ***** time.
a) have
b) ‘d have
c) ‘ll have
d) had
99 ***** be possible to reserve a table for tonight?
a) Can I
b) Could you
c) Would it
d) Will
100 Could you ***** a good film?
a) say me
b) recommend
c) tell
d) me say
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