1. Where does the young girl want to go with her father?
A. to the park
B. to the movies
C. to the swimming pool
2. Who are they going with?
A. the girl’s mother
B. the girl’s best friend
C. the girl’s older brother
3. Based on the conversation, what time will they most likely leave?
A. 9:30 AM
B. 12:45 PM
C. 2:00 PM
4. What does the girl want to do later?
A. She wants to walk to the ice cream store.
B. She wants to swim at the park.
C. She wants to go down to the beach.
5. What does the father suggest they do at the end of the day?
A. go to a restaurant
B. watch a fireworks display
C. play a board game
Correct answers: