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Exam on Tenses

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The Demon’s Bridge

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support html5! A burden is a serious or difficult responsibility.Children who do not behave are a burden to their parents. To compromise is to agree to something that is not exactly what you want.We both compromised about the game we decided to play. To craft something is to make it using… Read More »

Jen’s New Job

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support html5! If something is antique, it is very old and rare, and therefore valuable.My grandmother’s antique rocking chair is worth a lot of money. An applicant is someone who writes a request to be considered for a job or prize. Lots of applicants came into the store when the job… Read More »

The Lottery

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support html5! An aquarium is a building where fish and underwater animals are kept.We took a trip to the aquarium and saw a scary shark. If something is arbitrary, it is not based on any plan or system, so it seems random. The classroom had many arbitrary rules that made me… Read More »

The First Organ Transplant

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support html5! To adapt means to change in orderto deal with a new situation or addition.When he went to the new town, he had to adapt to all the weather changes. Biological describes the process of life and living things.In science, we learned about the biological process of bacterial growth. When… Read More »