Class Reunion

Description: Class or school reunions are times when people get together with former classmates and relive past experiences in high school.
Helpful tip: Sometimes, it is difficult to remember people’s names, especially when the people you meet have foreign names. Write names down and review them often.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What is the woman’s name?
A. Her name is Ashley.
B. The woman’s name is Amber.
C. It’s Amanda.

2. Where is the reunion going to be held?
A. Mountain Country Club
B. Meadow Country Club
C. Mesa Country Club

3. The reunion starts at ________.
A. 6:00
B. 6:15
C. 6:30

4. How much do two tickets cost for the reunion?
A. They cost $20.
B. The price is $30.
C. The total comes to $40.

5. Why does James feel uncomfortable about attending the reunion?
A. James wasn’t very good on the football team, and people remember this.
B. James was rejected by a girl in high school, and he is unsure about seeing her again.
C. James doesn’t know how to dance very well, and he is embarrassed about this.

Correct answers:

2 thoughts on “Class Reunion

  1. Sergei

    About question 4.
    I have head only аbout 20$ and us a result i have chosen answer A (20$)
    The right answer is C (40$).
    It’s strange. May be l have been making a mistake.

    1. Елена Викторовна

      Перечитайте вопрос
      4. How much do two tickets cost for the reunion?
      Там спрашивается про цену ДВУХ билетов, а не одного


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