Camping under the Stars

Description: What camping gear would you take to the mountains to make it a pleasurable experience (e.g., tent, cooking stove, etc.)? What problems could occur and what precautions would you take to prevent them?
Helpful tip: Be sure to take a survival kit when you go camping in case of emergency, which could include bandages, a lighter for making a fire, a whistle for getting someone’s attention, and a knife.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What are they planning on doing in the morning?
A. fishing
B. mountain biking
C. hiking

2. According to the weather report, when would it start raining?
A. in the afternoon
B. at night
C. in the morning

3. What did Paul forget to bring?
A. rain coats
B. umbrellas
C. rain boots

4. Where did Sara leave the playing cards?
A. next to picnic table
B. on picnic table
C. under picnic table

5. What do they finally decide to do?
A. stay at a hotel
B. return home
C. sleep at the campground

Correct answers:

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  1. Руслана

    Подскажите, пожалуйста, есть ли к данным аудио тексты?

    1. Елена Викторовна

      Честно говоря, не знаю, так как материал делал мой помощник


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