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By | 08.11.2018

Description: What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking private lessons, small group lessons (3-10 students), or language classes of 20 or more students?
Helpful tip: Not all teachers are the same. If you need private lessons, find a teacher that has special skills and experience in the area that interests you.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What is the man’s name?
A. His name is Mike.
B. He goes by Nick.
C. His friends call him Nate.

2. Where is the man from?
A. He’s from Brownston.
B. His hometown is Brownsburg.
C. He’s originally from Brownsville.

3. How old is the man?
A. He’s in his early twenties.
B. He’s in his mid twenties.
C. He’s in his late twenties.

4. Where did the man meet Sarah?
A. He met her on a bus.
B. They were introduced at a party.
C. He saw her in a language class.

5. Sarah’s older sister is worried that Nick _____________.
A. is a terrible language teacher
B. is going to be a negative influence on her
C. charges too much money for lessons

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