Good Old Blues

By | 02.11.2018

Description: I-pods and other MP3 media players are becoming popular to play music on the go. Try and name at least 7 different types of music. Which are most popular in your country? Do you download music files from the Internet? If so, do you download them to a portable MP3 player or other device?
Helpful tip: In addition to listening to music, MP3 Players can be used to record your voice. You can use such devices to keep an audio voice journal to practice you speaking and pronunciation skills.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What kinds of music does this radio station play?
A. rhythm and blues
B. heavy metal
C. latin

2. What is the disk jockey’s first name?
A. Harold
B. Harvey
C. Harry

3. Listeners can win ___________ by saying the name of the song.
A. music CDs
B. concert tickets
C. money

4. The man’s phone number is ___________.
A. 693-3019
B. 693-1390
C. 693-1319

5. To win, listeners must know the name of the song and ________ it was recorded.
A. where
B. when
C. how many times

Correct answers:

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