Spending Money

By | 02.11.2018

Description: Did you receive allowance from your parents when you were child? How about now? Did you have to do household chores to earn the money? How did you spend it?
Helpful tip: Many people believe that children need to be taught the value of work. Thus, instead of just giving children allowance, consider tying their allowance to their doing chores around the house. No work, no pay.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. How much does the father owe his son in allowance?
A. three dollars
B. thirteen dollars
C. thirty dollars

2. Why hasn’t the father given his son allowance?
A. because he didn’t remember to do it
B. because he doesn’t have any money now
C. because his son already has money

3. When does the father usually give his son money?
A. on Friday
B. on Saturday
C. on Sunday

4. Where does the man get money to pay his son?
A. in his bedroom
B. at the bank
C. from the bookstand

5. Choose one thing the boy does NOT mention about how he will spend his money.
A. He will buy some toys.
B. He will save some of it.
C. He will give part to the needy.

Correct answers:

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