Dating Game

By | 01.11.2018

Description: What things are most important to you in a date or marriage partner? Rank the top four ideas in order of importance to you.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. Ryan is _______ years old.
A. 25
B. 26
C. 27

2. What does Ryan do for a living?
A. He works as a doctor.
B. He’s a hospital manager.
C. He is a nurse.

3. Ryan enjoys __________ in his free time.
A. hiking
B. biking
C. swimming

4. Nate is ______ years old.
A. 23
B. 24
C. 25

5. Nate enjoys ______________.
A. reading books on rock music
B. playing soccer with his friends
C. visiting new places

6. Nate likes women who __________.
A. listen to classical music
B. visit art museums
C. eat cheeseburgers

7. Charles is _________ years old.
A. 27
B. 28
C. 29

8. What does Contestant 3 do for a living?
A. He is an office manager.
B. He works as a teacher.
C. He is a university student.

9. In his free time, he ________________.
A. goes hiking in the mountains
B. reads many types of books
C. takes care of animals

10. He likes women who _________.
A. speak different languages
B. enjoy sports and exercise
C. are good in the kitchen

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